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ERICSA Conference

In addition to the above mentioned NCCSD conference Auctor staff also attended the 54th Eastern Regional Child Support Conference (ERICSA) in St. Louis Missouri from May 21-25.

In attendance were Tom Horan, Director of Client Services, Rieda Abrams-Miller, Business Analyst and Tushar Desai, Client Services Manager, DC. Not only did Rieda and Tushar attend but they also presented a session at the conference that identified low cost ways to gather necessary data for performance measures reporting and find ways to manipulate the data to benefit staff by identifying areas in need of improvement. Rieda represented work being done by Auctor in Connecticut that allows the data to be reported out through dashboards and the ability to drill into each category of performance measure down to the worker level. Tushar provided information on the use of Pivot Tables in DC and a DC manager was present to provide insight as to how the DC staff are using the information to improve performance.

There were also over forty sessions to choose from and the Auctor staff attempted to cover as many different sessions as possible so that we can share this information internally and with our partners and clients. All power point presentations will be posted to our internal Sharepoint site for Conferences once they become available.

Other interesting topics included: Interstate and International (now referred to as Intergovernmental) issues that need to be addressed since the passage of The Hague Convention including the new required standardized forms among other things. Guidelines changes due to the Final Rule as well as other Final Rule related sessions discussing additional requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.