Composer Solutions, formerly Unify Corporation, helps California government entities successfully complete application replacement and modernization projects.


Cushman Computer Consulting, Inc. – “C3”  is an IT consulting and software development firm founded in 1995. C3 specializes in IT applications and project management for child support and other social service agencies.


EvolveWare, Inc. develops products that modernize clients’ IT systems to increase productivity and reduce recurring expenses. The foundation of these products is its own proprietary, patented S2T® Technology, which is based on the constantly evolving discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence. This revolutionary, knowledge-based technology has the unique ability to abstract any source into a standard format, thereby automating the transformation of any system to modern platforms.



GeneXus USA is a leading provider of training, software factory, supporting technical resources, and consulting around powerful state-of-the-art development tools that allow development of Web-based, .NET or Java applications without manual coding.

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