Complete System Documentation

The Key to Addressing Legacy System Challenges

Auctor Corporation has been helping clients with maintenance, enhancements and replacement of their legacy systems for over 20 years.  The challenges associated with legacy systems have intensified in recent years due to increasing mainframe costs and a rapidly shrinking resource pool to support legacy applications and databases.  Our clients told us they wanted to make decisions on maintaining or replacing their legacy systems but were hesitant to act without complete system documentation.  Auctor responded with an approach based on an automated tool that will completely document systems built in over 18 different languages and databases.  Armed with complete system documentation our clients know what they have and how it is constructed, and have confidence in determining the best path forward to address each legacy system challenge.

• If path forward is ‘Uncertain’
• Create complete documentation of the legacy system
• Analyze documentation to determine best path forward



• If path forward is ‘Maintain It’
• Leverage documentation to understand impact of any change
• Minimize risk of unintended consequences


• If path forward is ‘Replacement’
• Leverage complete documentation of the legacy system
• Extract business rules from legacy system as foundation for a system rewrite or configuration of a COTS application



• If path forward is ‘Modernization & Conversion’
• Leverage complete documentation of the legacy system
• Utilize business rules from legacy system
• Modernize & convert source code with automated tool

Enterprise System Diagram

Business Rules Flow

When working with Auctor, we help you map your complete system diagram as part of the comprehensive automated documentation process:

Complete System Diagram

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