Child Support Enforcement


Services and systems for organizations that administer Title IV-D have been an Auctor focus since our founding. We know child support intimately from both a program and a technology point of view.  At Auctor, we are fully and respectfully aware that support for comprehensive CSE systems is crucial to the well-being of children.  Many Auctor staff have worked exclusively in child support enforcement for more than 15 years, many since certified systems were first being developed. Auctor staff is well versed in the idiosyncrasies of CSE case management, financial distribution, and reporting requirements.

A Trusted Partner

Auctor has supported CSE clients through the evolutionary challenges of PRWORA certification, the growing number of interfaces to ever-changing state and national systems, and to escalating standards of data and system security. We have witnessed, and worked to minimize, the effects of increasing workloads and diminishing resources. Among all vendors who provide CSE facility management services, by virtue of our tenure and exclusive focus, we proudly identify ourselves as “the child support specialists.”

In addition to our system development and support capabilities, the Auctor team brings to each project a staff with highly complementary skills and experience in areas essential to successful projects.

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Web style user interfaces
Management dashboards
Customer service portals
Predictive analytic tools
Workflow analysis and improvement
Procedure development
Documentation and training
Data extraction and clean-up
Project management
Implementation support and change management

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