Mobile Applications

Mobile Support


• Drastically Changing landscape – Mobile devices are prolific and growth is exponential.
• Diverse Clients – Will you cater to internal or external users, or both? Can you dictate their access means?
• Device Support (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) – How many device platforms will you support?

Mobile Development


  • Development Resources – Do you have the internal skill sets to develop a mobile application? Are you willing to support multiple development teams? If externally developed, what type of solution will provide for long term support and enhancements?
  • Development Tools, Frameworks and Environments – What tools or frameworks can expedite the development process?


The solution – A Flexible Risk-adverse Approach​


Pursuing a rich solution without ​​alienating targeted user groups or platforms supported, Auctor Corporation implemented an open source based mobile application solution to empower child support attorneys to have real-time access to case data inside the court room.​

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