Business Rules Extraction

When your agency is getting ready to rewrite or extend legacy mission-critical software, detailed technical specifications of that system can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects.

But the type of documentation that you need is typically system-based–detailed, extensive, and deep “in the weeds.” So how do you get that?

Enter automated documentation tools. They allow users to extract development source code, create workflows, and use other technical artifacts easily. And Auctor’s experts know not just how to use the tool, but how to interpret results.

With these tools, you can:

  • See what a program is actually doing, in a way that’s easier to understand. You can also see which programs affect other programs, and develop requirements and test plans accordingly. And you can see how much a system, or parts of a system, are actually used.
  • Map internal processes, saving developers time.
  • Review and confirm conditional program statements.
  • Identify when there are multiple ways to perform the same function.
  • Identify documentation conflicts or fill gaps in knowledge
  • Collect scenarios for testing, which business-oriented users might not know.
  • Search easily.
  • Provide more detailed information to developers, QA, or business analysts.
  • Discover facets of the system that we may not know.

Your resulting artifacts are:

  • Current, consistent, and complete.
  • Automated and accurate.
  • Always available.
  • Maintenance-free.

Of course, a tool is only as good as the person using it. Auctor’s been cultivating expertise with a number of documentation tools, and we can:

  • Advise not just on tool use, but where and when to use the tool. We know how to “consume” code, understand scenarios where the tool is most effective, and can read and interpret results.
  • Leverage documentation tools for a variety of technical purposes, such as technical business analysis, development, and quality assurance.
  • Train and guide staff on the best and most strategic use of documentation tools.
  • Use our experience with multiple documentation tool types to help you find the best option.

We’ve used automated documentation tools to generate:

  • Enterprise system diagrams, plus detailed diagrams of screens, JCL, processes and programs, and external interfaces.
  • Program flow diagram with business logic links.
  • Data flow diagram with data reads, writes, updates, and delete functions.

We were also able to assist clients in interpreting results and prioritizing system needs.




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