Auctor is small—by choice. While many companies talk about employees as their greatest assets, Auctor can show it: we can point to a 95% employee retention rate. We cultivate communication, transparency, and trust, and we strive to make decisions that support the company, our employees, and our clients. We are proud to have both newcomers and employees with 20+-year Auctor histories working side by side…and to be a 2021 Best Places to Work in Indiana company!

At Auctor, you will find:

  • Appreciation. Count on hearing “Thank you.” It matters! You may realize you’re noticed and appreciated when you find a surprise at your desk or in your mail. You will know that you’re valued through gestures large and small. (And thank-yous aren’t just once in a great while—they are a prized part of our culture.) 
  • Talent. Your coworkers know their fields, and our staff’s abilities show in everything we do. Our respective abilities complement each other and allow people to shine. We also encourage employees to pursue training that’s relevant to their career development. 
  • Inclusiveness. At Auctor, it is a value to treat everyone with respect and dignity. We are welcoming, and ensure that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. A workplace  that encourages diversity and inclusion will make employees feel valued and accepted in our team environment.  Our Diversity & Inclusion team has recently sponsored a workshop conducted by the Peace Learning Center  to encourage staff recognition and understanding of implicit bias. We have also enjoyed learning about Black History month and Women’s History month, and look forward to learning about Indian culture from our colleagues. We plan to continue exploring multiple topics relating to diversity and inclusion, which we believe is important for staff, clients, and personal relationships alike.

  • Rapport. Yes, we really do enjoy working together! Employees have established close, positive working relationships and communicate well.
  • Openness. Have a new idea? Let’s discuss it! We listen. We look for the best solutions and encourage employees to bring them forward. In our inclusive culture, our employees feel comfortable trying something new, such as different projects or roles. 
  • Variety. As a small company, our structure allows everyone to be innovative and contribute. You do not need to feel “stuck” doing one or two tasks. You can count on a variety of projects, challenges, and training to keep you learning and expanding your skills. That also means working with lots of different people.

  • Flexibility. Employees love the flexibility we provide… we believe employees best know how to manage their work life balance. 


At Auctor we are a team….we want to cultivate communication, transparency, and trust. We offer a compensation and benefits package that includes medical, vision, dental, life, and disability coverage and a 401k.  

And we get it: you’re not just an employee, but a person. We all have families, hobbies, and lives outside of work. We offer a generous PTO and remote work options to ensure our employees have work life balance and flexibility when they need it.