Auctor’s culture is a pleasant mix of “business casual” and “family.” Our staff is professional, diverse, and flexible. Most of us are full-time employees. We get the job done, but we also understand the need for work/life balance.

While many companies talk about employees as their greatest assets, Auctor works to cultivate communication, transparency, and trust. It’s expected that managers and associates trust each other and make decisions that support both the company and our clients. The results? Strong client and employee relationships. We are proud to have newcomers as well as employees with 20+-year histories at Auctor—our retention rate averages 95%!

Auctor focuses on continuous improvement among staff, which includes:

  • Opennness. Have a new idea? Bring it forward, and let’s discuss it!
  • Horizontal structure. Allows us all to make decisions and contribute and develop ideas and concepts for the company and its clients. Each office is organized into teams of managers, business analysts and technical staff, all of whom are involved in the daily operations and maintenance and development of their client’s software and systems.
  • Variety. Teams are also shared resources for Auctor.


We get the job done–and done well. 

But we also understand that personal and professional roles need balance, and that we all need to relax and refresh. Our benefits take these factors into consideration.

  • Work Location. We offer onsite, part- time remote, and/or fully remote options that allow employees the flexibility to serve our clients in ways that work for everyone.

    During Covid-19, the entire company has transitioned to remote work seamlessly, with few technical issues. We recognize this as a time that requires compassion, flexibility, and empathy, and have been doing our best to help everyone feel connected.

  • Flexibility. Flexible work schedules for some positions. For example, associates could work flexible hours or days instead of a traditional nine-to-five workday.