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Legacy Modernization

Your “legacy” system is a key part of your agency, and it’s probably served your organization well for many years.

But with technology changing constantly, your legacy system may be out of date, leaving you facing tough situations:

  • Difficulty expanding on the technology and increasing offerings to clients.
  • New security threats.
  • High maintenance costs.
  • Lack of personnel who understand the technology and how to support users.

Auctor has helped clients:

  • maintain the system.
  • modernize, either by adding new features like a web interfaces, mobile applications, or dashboards, or by replacing the system with a commercial off-the-shelf product.
  • develop a custom product.

For example, we helped some clients make key decisions by:

  • creating a repository of system documentation artifacts
  • generating process flow diagrams
  • taking steps to convert data
  • converting legacy code automatically

Throughout projects, we provide tool expertise, project management, and training and support.

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Call 317-663-5050 to talk to our team.

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