Maintenance and Operations

For years, the Auctor team has had direct responsibility for clients’ system maintenance, modification, and administration.

Any relationship between contractor and client staff must be based on trust, confidentiality, objectivity, and integrity. As a successful maintenance and operations partner, we:

  • Cooperate with key staff, other system stakeholders, and the staff of other contractors as required during the contract.
  • Identify efficiencies that could be garnered by changing functionality, altering requirements, adapting business processes, or making other changes to systems.
  • Monitor relevant changes to federal and state regulations.
  • Work on systems according to federal and state regulations.
  • Inform staff of current trends and issues and provide information on new technologies in use in other states.
  • Work collaboratively with other vendors whose systems interact with the agency’s and that require cooperation to ensure success.
  • Maintain project and control documents used for the contract and make those documents available to appropriate agency and contractor staff.

System Enhancements

We help our clients achieve results. For one client, we’ve installed between 150 – 180 system enhancements each year for the past 3 years. Enhancements are installed every two months and typically deliver 25 improvements to the application in each install.

Results? Significant across-the-board improvements in performance measures—gains that have been sustained over multiple years.

As part of our enhancement work, we:

  • Identify and mitigate data quality issues.
  • Recommend edits and program modifications and implement edits and program modifications approved by client.
  • Maintain documentation and lead training for newly released updates.


Our operations team:

  • Handles nightly batch processes, including key balancing and distributing of all collections that are electronically transferred to the State Disbursement Unit for all child support participants.

    Nightly processing also includes all staff entered changes to the caseload system generates forms and multiple reports, such as State and Federally required reports.

  • Handles end user support such as assigning printers, restarting printers, mounting forms, clearing queues, releasing print jobs, adding, deleting and resetting user accounts, resetting passwords, and handling maintenance and configuration.
  • Handles daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual operations tasks such as:
  • review of system status emails and initiation, investigation and follow-up on all error messages, state and Federal reports
  • preparation of week’s nightly tapes for delivery to secure third-party repository.
  • report generation, to provide a snapshot of cases for the prior month and a cumulative report of cases for the year to date.
  • Assists in enforcement of security and privacy policies; helps prepare for, respond to, and verify compliance with IRS and other audits.
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Call 317-663-5050 to talk to our team.

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