Modernization & Maintenance

We can help your agency determine priorities, meet goals, and/or plan a technical strategy:

  • Advance your system and agency forward during system maintenance.
  • Give end clients the information they want and need.
  • Help identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks that limit efficiency.
  • View of key high-level data in an easy-to-use format.

When you’re challenged with “modernizing” internal systems, it can be hard to know where to start. Your legacy system is a key part of your agency, and it’s likely served your organization well for many years. But with technology changing constantly, your agency could be facing tough situations:

  • Difficulty expanding on the technology and increasing offerings to clients.
  • New security and compliance requirements.
  • High maintenance costs.
  • Lack of personnel who understand the technology and how to support users.

“Modernization,” is, of course, ongoing. So agencies challenged with limited staff and budgets must define what it means. Building a new application? Extending an existing application with new functionality? Adding ways to access it? Integrating applications? Porting to new platforms? Maybe a combination of the above services? Or maybe you need help deciding how to include modernization in your technical strategy.

Project Types

Note: The following sampling of project types isn’t exhaustive. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help solve additional challenges at your agency.

Web API – Service Oriented Architecture/RESTful Services

“Future proof,” or effectively architect the existing legacy enterprise structure so your agency can move forward with new development.

Well-designed, adaptable systems are critical to organizations, and the portability and maintainability, and scalability of system elements (such as the user interface, data interfaces, data repositories, business logic layers layers) can make a big difference in how quickly and easily new features can be developed and deployed. Often, legacy systems must be retained until a new system is fully developed, which may mean that an incremental approach is most effective. Some key concerns for incremental development projects are:

  • How do you ensure that critical data is successfully shared and migrated between the legacy system and newly developed features in the replacement modern system?
  • How can you ensure that an enterprise system’s structure is adaptable for future development?

These challenges require an effective architecture. Decoupling legacy data structure via a system architecture that uses RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) principles of architecture can provide connectivity and service options via APIs (application programming interfaces). The APIs consist of “building blocks” that are flexible, reusable, and sustainable. These APIs can be leveraged across systems, processes, and layers in a scalable and secure way.

Auctor led a major architecture effort addressing these concerns. The project required concurrent access to the database for both legacy and new applications, along with the benefit of “decoupling” of schema. The structure of the legacy data was translated to a new normalized data model which was exposed via RESTful service for modernization development.

Maintenance/System Enhancements

Keep moving your system and agency forward during system maintenance.

For us, system “maintenance” is about moving clients forward. Whether we are updating a system to address recent state and federal regulation changes, revised business processes, or new user needs, we’ve created and managed many types of enhancements. And we can bring those hard-to-find experts in legacy system languages (for example, PICK BASIC pre-.NET and COBOL) to your project.

For one client, we’ve installed between 150 – 180 system enhancements each year for the past few years, typically delivering 25 improvements to the application in each install.

Results? Progress towards a larger agency goal–significant across-the-board improvements in performance measures, with gains that have been sustained over multiple years. And continuity and stability that Auctor is known for was ensured.

Responsive/Progressive Web Applications

Give end clients the ability to access key data on any device (mobile, desktops, tablets) using a single code base.

Increasingly, your clients want to be able to access key information from any device. Your agency’s ability to provide this access for clients can make a big difference in the level of service you provide to them.

We’ve helped clients resolve these issues by implementing applications for both Android and iOS devices using a single code base. With our child support app, for example, users can use their mobile phones or a variety of other devices to view types of case information for open cases.

Business Analytics

Get key high-level data in formats you need.

Your agency’s staff leaders need to be able to view up-to-date key performance data at key points.

We can help you get the right data to the right people when they need it. No matter what data you need from your existing system, we can assist with creating high-level charts, graphs, and ongoing updates. For a child support client, for example, we created options to help managers track progress on key federal reporting metrics.

We can also help you create your own reports. We ensure that the necessary data is not constrained by legacy definition, and expose that data to tools that allow individuals to create their own reports, without special coding.

Business Process Improvements

Help identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks that limit efficiency in your agency.

Bottlenecks in a workflow can make a big difference to your organization’s efficiency. One of our workflow projects automated a complex document workflow process between the child support agency and the courts. The workflow involved paper forms that required stamps and signatures. The innovative workflow solution that was designed and implemented included converting the paper forms into smart electronic documents with digital stamps and digital signatures.

The outcome? An error-free, timely and user-friendly process that received multiple accolades, including a mention in the Court’s Report to Congress.

User Interface enhancements

Bring users a modern interface, even for a legacy system.

Users working with legacy systems and graphical user interfaces that are “green screen” or outdated legacy client-side applications may be very frustrated with the lack of GUI elements. It’s also harder to train, especially since many agencies have retiring long-term staff who can understand exactly how to use these systems.

Auctor helped a client bring end users a desirable, efficient Windows user interface, including elements like menus and mouse capabilities, without rewriting the underlying code.

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