New Technologies

Auctor’s experienced multi-disciplinary team can “future proof” software. We adopt new technologies and follow best practices in both process and architecture, with a variety of environments and solutions.

Areas of Experience

Mobile Development Strategy

  • Deploy public-facing mobile apps, supporting both Android and iOS environments by using a single code base
  • Develop mobile web applications to expand systems to meet business needs in dynamically changing environments

.NET Development

  • Allow for future flexibility with N-tiered architecture
  • Allow for efficient maintenance and extension of software with disciplined Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach

Service Oriented Architecture

  • “Future proof” new development by removing tight coupling of legacy data structure to new software development
  • Enhance quality of development by providing for reusability and rich testability

Responsive Design

  • Support wide range of devices, including mobile and desktop, with same code base

Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure

  • Implement and administer virtualized environments using VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Work with both private, public, and government cloud environments

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Call 317-663-5050 to talk to our team.

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