Quality Assurance

With IT systems increasing in complexity and the needs and demands of end users growing, the value of and need for quality for these systems has grown. Today’s applications must be virtually bug-free, with new releases deployed at a rapid pace. Even small errors can cause embarrassing problems with challenging consequences. And for government agencies like child support, errors can translate to vulnerable populations not receiving critical financial support.

Quality is a key component to meeting your agency’s goals. A well-versed QA team can save money and reduce risk as systems are developed or enhanced. At Auctor, we have a customizable approach to quality, providing a variety of QA and testing services.

We Do More Than Test

Exceptional quality assurance is not “just” testing software. Quality assurance is a holistic, big-picture approach that’s woven through the software development lifecycle.QA focuses on the quality of process as well as product. A skilled QA team can identify issues before they are even coded! And that translates into money and time savings from rework across the development life cycle.


  • Our QA experts are embedded within our project teams from project kickoff so they can understand the client needs and requirements.
  • Our QA team includes analysts and engineers with experience in all areas of test toolsets and brings a wide range of testing execution approaches and methodologies to ensure thorough and complete testing and the highest quality possible.
  • Auctor testers are ISTQB certified and are very experienced with many types of software testing types including unit, integration, E2E, smoke, regression, etc.
  • Our team of QA analysts and engineers understand and can work with an Agile mindset, in a more traditional waterfall environment, or even a hybrid methodology.

We use both manual testing and test automation tools to conduct thorough comprehensive testing to detect defects, track them to validate and ensure resolution before deployment, confirm functionality, and make certain all requirements are met to the expectations of our clients.

By using quality management software, we provide extensive quality, test, and defect management throughout the project lifecycle, accumulated with a large suite of reporting and traceability capabilities.

From requirements analysis through development and implementation, we apply the right analysis and testing services for your organization.

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