Quality Assurance Team

An effective, well-qualified team must cover multiple bases to achieve the best results, whether a new system is being built or a complex, antiquated system is being extended.

We hire qualified, experienced, big-picture QA team members who look deeply into systems (for example, by looking directly at a database to determine the source of an issue) to prevent defects and continued process improvement. We provide a setting where talented QA people want to work, and we are proud of our efforts to ensure the highest quality products and deliverables possible.

Auctor’s QA team is a shared resource across the entire organization and consists of core team members and others who bring support in an extended role. Everyone at Auctor is responsible for ensuring the overall quality of the products and services and contributes to the QA Team.

  • Broad Sector Government/Business Knowledge
    Auctor QA team members have broad and flexible knowledge of a variety of government sectors. Cumulatively, they have decades of experience in software development/IT for a large variety of industries and government agencies. For example, we have extensive experience in child support and in the transportation sector, and quality assurance consulting experience with a state controller’s office. 
  • Experience with Legacy Systems
    Many agencies need quality assurance for antiquated legacy systems. Teams with limited experience and/or skill sets may not anticipate the full scope of issues that can arise. Auctor’s QA team has extensive experience with these kinds of issues and can anticipate them. 
  • Key Reporting
    A test management tool that provides vast reporting capabilities gives our QA team transparency with our clients. We can provide a wide variety of reports to assist your agency with user acceptance testing (UAT) via our QAComplete tool. The reports can show how Auctor executed their testing. When we identify what we did, you can bring more efficient UAT testing with better test coverage. You can, for example, avoid repeating tests, identify areas where additional UAT testing would be beneficial, and better assist UAT testers.

Reports also show testing trails and their status and traceability to requirements. And high-level ongoing reports can help managers note progress of testing efforts, see effectiveness of tests (passed/failed/executed), see defects that were reported and the status of those defects.

QAComplete provides dashboards so the team can keep up on the status of releases, requirements, tests, and defects.

    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
      In software testing, key performance indicators are measurable values that gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process as a whole. There are many types of KPIs for tracking defects, tests, and requirements. Auctor QA has identified several KPIs that we have determined are important to our internal projects. We can also help you identify those that would be important to your organization.

    • Use of Documentation Tools
      Our documentation tools allow users to view development source code and workflows. Companies with comparable tools typically use them only in development or as part of business analysis; however, our QA team also sees documentation tools as a valuable resource, allowing us to see how and where fields are used, making testing time more effective and efficient.For example, Auctor QA has been able to check documentation tools to determine exactly how a particular scenario worked, eliminating the need to further investigate a supposed “bug.” We have been cutting edge in extending use of these tools into the QA realm.
  • Project Management
    Our QA team has deep experience with both the Agile mindset and waterfall methodologies, and we can adjust to either one or to a hybrid method. With project managers that have formal training and practical experience in both Agile and waterfall, we understand the challenges of making such a transition.

    We collaborate with you to set expectations, define goals, identify potential roadblocks, and ultimately work with your team to achieve results and ensure the highest quality every step of the way.
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